Petroleum Industry

Specialized coverage to protect your assets.

The petroleum experts at PSA understand your industry and put our expertise and knowledge to work to craft programs that provide superior protection for your business.

Program Highlights

  • Loss of Income
  • Employee Dishonesty
  • Ordinance & Law

Lines of Coverage

Fuel Marketers and Transport – On-site pollution liability, tanker rollovers and tank overfills are just a few of the unique hazards that contribute to the potential perils in the energy distribution industry.

Propane Distribution – Whether you are a one-man propane delivery service or you have 50 propane trucks on the road with a service department, PSA understands your risk management needs as a propane distributor. Being a vigilant business owner who has trained and certified employees, you adhere to strict safety procedures. We are a partner providing a consultative approach to help you increase your risk management awareness. Activities such as pre-inspection, tagging systems and using appropriate “out-of-gas” procedures are some of our many areas of expertise.

Bulk Fuel Facilities and Storage – If you have one storage tank or many, above or below ground, we can provide you with the proper property and general liability coverage for this type of operation. Third party pollution liability is frequently overlooked by agents who are not experts in the industry. We have capabilities to provide this coverage along with a host of other on-site petroleum-related coverages. Your unique needs may include terminal access theft coverage, pollution due to vandalism and contaminated product among others.

Gas Station and Convenience Store Operations – We are able to provide convenience store owners with a comprehensive insurance package. We understand your primary risk management concerns as an owner. Perils such as pollution, drive-off theft, customer slip/trips and falls are only several losses you may experience in the course of your operations. Not having adequate protection in these areas could cause lost income and potential lawsuits.

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