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Letter from PSA’s Property & Casualty Practice Leader

It goes without saying, there are definitive losses that are occurring and will continue to occur as a result of COVID-19. There have been many questions relating to the Coronavirus and what relief may be offered by your insurance policies. All businesses are asking, and it is not good news. … Learn More>>

Commercial Insurance FAQs Related to COVID-19 (March 26)

We have compiled a list of FAQs related to commercial insurance and the impact of COVID-19 pandemic. Learn more>>

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Workers Compensation Claims and COVID-19 (Mar 25)

While so much of the economic impact to businesses stemming from the Coronavirus is seemingly uncovered by insurance policies, there are conditions under which employers may feel some relief. Workers’ Compensation is the area where we may see some coverage for a directly infected employee, if it can be proven the infection was contracted in the course of employment. Learn More >>

Coronavirus and Insurance (Mar 25)

As of late, all risk management professionals have been engaging in challenging conversations with their clients. The unfortunate truth is that the insurance industry never anticipated a major outbreak like the Coronavirus, and therefore, has not drafted any policy to provide specific coverage for this scenario. We are in uncharted territory. At the moment, it is unlikely there will be any major relief provided by insurance policies without strong governmental intervention. Learn More >>

How to Prevent or Reduce Theft in Your Organization (Mar 24)

With many businesses closing or switching to remote work due to current events, many buildings and storage yards are unattended. Here are ways you can keep your business safe from theft.  Learn how >>

Is Your Business Covered for Pandemics Like Coronavirus Disease 2019 (Covid-19)? (Mar 5)

Learn how to protect your employees and what business insurance coverage is available for your operation in case of a potential Coronavirus outbreak.  Learn More >>

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