What Our Customers Are Saying

“I called PSA with a claims issue at 5pm on a Friday. PSA got the entire situation resolved within 30 minutes. A lot of times I feel like I am PSA’s only client.”

Cyber Protection Built For What Comes


It’s our new reality…

Cyber threats are advancing faster than the world’s best defenses. Your assets are under siege and technology alone isn’t enough. Don’t wait for a cyber incident. Now is the time to make sure you can respond and recover if something goes wrong.

You need a partner who does much more than just sell cyber insurance. No one can eliminate cyber risk, but our proprietary process can help you become cyber strong.  Here’s how we do it…

Reviewing Your Cyber Risk Profile and Identifying Risks

Kick-start your cyber risk management and resiliency planning with PSA’s cyber risk review process.

Our experts build you a basic cyber risk profile and review your current policy for potential gaps or weaknesses. If you don’t have coverage, we can help you select the right cyber insurance for your budget and exposures.

Putting Value on a Potential Cyber Incident

Unlike traditional risk, cyber risk is difficult to quantify. As a result, most businesses struggle to prioritize cybersecurity investments and identify the scope of cyber liability insurance they should purchase.

To address this issue, we provide you an easy-to-read report, which identifies possible vulnerabilities, assesses the amount of sensitive data you might have, and estimates the cost of a potential cyber incident. With this information you’ll be armed to make the right decision about purchasing adequate cyber insurance and solutions.

Insuring Your Organization to Respond and Recover Faster

Cyber insurance does more than pay cyber claims. It helps give you a backstop to mitigate the damage of a cyber event and offers a place to turn for help when something goes wrong.

PSA can help you get the most out of your cyber insurance policy by working with you before, during and after an incident.

Teaming Up Before a Cyber Incident

In the midst of a cyber-attack is not the time to start looking for the right partners to protect your systems or do damage control.

As an active member of the cybersecurity community, we have the connections and resources to help you navigate a cyber incident. We leverage our relationships and connect you with our trusted cybersecurity partners including breach attorneys, reputation management professionals, cyber risk management consultants and managed security services partners prior to a cyber incident.

Experience the Difference of a True Partner

With over 90 years of experience, as a Top 100 Insurance Broker in the U.S., we provide national-caliber capabilities with local service. PSA is your partner to help you understand all the exposures you face in the day-to-day and long-term operations of your company. Our talented team of seasoned experts craft comprehensive insurance policies and sophisticated risk management programs for businesses of any size and industry.