Cyber Insurance & Risk Management

It’s our new reality…


Cyber threats are advancing faster than the world’s best defenses. Your assets are under siege and technology alone isn’t enough. What’s your plan to quickly recover in an event of a cyber incident?

PSA’s no-obligation proprietary cyber risk profile review can help.

Walk away ready to make informed decisions about your cyber risk management and choosing the right insurance for your business.

  • Why partner with PSA?


    A cyber risk management quarterback

    As your strategic cyber risk management partner, we do much more than just sell cyber insurance. Our proprietary process helps identify your cyber exposures, and helps you become more resilient, so you can respond faster and recover from cyber incidents.


    Latest market-leading cyber risk solutions

    As one of the founding members of the Cybersecurity Association of Maryland, Inc. (CAMI), we keep our fingers on the pulse of the fast-paced cybersecurity ecosystem and its latest developments. We can connect you with the resources to build a cyber risk management strategy and insurance program you need.


    A team of partners during a cyber incident

    Cyber insurance and risk management is a team sport. Be prepared for an incident and recover faster with our vetted cyber industry expert partners. We provide you access to and facilitate engagement with breach attorneys, reputation management professionals, cyber risk management consultants and managed security services providers.

What you get during your free consultation:


Two experts for one:

  • A cyber insurance specialist and a cybersecurity solution provider will offer a comprehensive risk review and realistic suggestions about how you can become cyber-resilient.


Custom cyber risk profile review including:

  • Your likelihood of suffering a breach and how much would it cost
  • The estimated number of sensitive records at risk
  • Your internet-facing vulnerabilities and threats
  • Expenses you would face, such as business interruption, legal, PCI fines
  • A benchmark of how your likelihood and losses compare to your industry


Cyber insurance review including:

  • Evaluation of your current policy and gaps
  • Discussion of necessary coverage designed for your risk profile
  • Understanding the cyber insurance marketplace