Protection from loss, damage and theft anywhere in the world

PSA can help provide high-quality, comprehensive coverage for your valuables, including jewelry, silver, collectibles and more. Our insurance programs are built to protect your valuables from all types of losses including damage, loss or theft—anywhere in the world. We can offer itemized coverage that painstakingly details each piece in your collection, or blanket insurance that covers all of your precious pieces.

We offer policies from carriers that extend protection options including:

  • Immediate coverage of new acquisitions at the time of purchase
  • Reimbursement up to 150% of an item’s scheduled value if it needs to be replaced
  • Coverage during re-setting, polishing, professional repairs and restoration
  • Before finalizing a purchase, you can take articles (worth up to $1 million) home on loan and know they are protected


Thinking about how best to protect your family and assets?

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