Personal Umbrella Policy

Protection above and beyond your homeowners and auto policies

It’s unfortunate but true—your financial success can make you a target for lawsuits. If you’re involved in a car accident, if a guest or delivery person is injured on your property and even if you serve on a volunteer board, your financial position may leave you open to lawsuits that could cost you millions of dollars.

Excess Liability coverage (aka Personal Umbrella policy) is essential to a household’s financial security and can provide vital support in the event of a loss. We will help you choose policies that provide the level of protection and support you may need when faced with such lawsuits.

In addition to your regular coverages, we can offer Personal Umbrella policies from insurance carriers that specialize in serving high-income clients. These companies and your PSA representatives understand the special risks that you face and can help you take steps to avoid those risks. Excess liability policies provide coverage when your other policies—even policies with high-end limits—are exhausted. With limits up to $100,000,000, you’ll have an added layer of coverage to ensure your assets will be protected.

The amount of coverage you may need depends highly on your net worth including:

  • Value of your home
  • Value of your other assets
  • Current and expected income

Our team can assist you in determining the right amount of coverage for your specific needs.

Thinking about how best to protect your family and assets?

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