Personal Watercraft Insurance

Take to the water with confidence

Whether you enjoy an occasional outing on the bay in your speedboat or take a months-long cruise on your mega-yacht, you can sail secure with personal watercraft insurance through PSA’s Personal Risk Management division.

We represent the industry’s leading companies in personal watercraft insurance and can carefully select and customize policies that fit your particular boating needs, including:

  • Emergency Towing and Service
  • Liability and Personal Effects Coverage (for guests and crew)
  • Extended Navigational Limits and Year-Round Coverages
  • Emergency Living Expenses
  • Broad Medical Payments (for injuries in covered accidents)
  • International Mooring
  • Chartered Excursions
  • Pollution Coverage

When you have a problem, your team at PSA is available to help you navigate through the rough spots and guide you back into smooth waters.

Thinking about how best to protect your family and assets?

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