Wine Collection Insurance

Extended protection options from breakage, flooding, fire or damage

PSA’s Personal Risk Management Group can help protect your treasured wine collection. We work with high-end insurers whose on-staff specialists can help advise you in protecting, preserving and insuring your collection. You’ll rest easy knowing you are protected from breakage, flooding, fire or damage sustained during a power outage or mechanical failure—assuring your enjoyment for many years to come.

We offer wine collection insurance policies from carriers that extend protection with options including:

  • You have the choice to have one overall coverage limit or to address bottles individually (depending on the extent of your collection).
  • Up to 150% replacement cost.
  • Mechanical breakdown. You’re protected if wine spoils due to climate control system failure.
  • New acquisitions are immediately covered for up to 90 days from the time of purchase.
  • Each piece included on the policy is protected, regardless of location.


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