Build your own pension plan

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Many of us look back and wish we had the good fortune to be included in a rich pension plan from yesteryear. Seldom-found these days, pension plans were employer-provided benefits, that unlike a 401(k), never had a negative impact on an individual’s nest egg and were a wonderful supplement to a broader wealth management planWhile many of us never had a shot at upper management at IBM in the 90sthere’s still a way you can build your own pension plan with a Fixed Index Annuity. 

This is an insurance product with flexible terms (5-10 years) that you purchase in the amount of your choice with a guaranteed minimum growth, but also with the opportunity to participate in appreciation impacted by the S&P 500 Index. 

These products are not for everyone, but if you are over age 50 and preparing for your future, it’s likely you’ve lost money in the stock market, thanks to the current unstable economy and questionable economic climate. Since market volatility is seemingly the new normal, you may not want to exclusively invest in stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds anymore. You can move money into a Fixed Index Annuity where you will receive tax deferrals on the money, and you’re guaranteed you won’t lose money, but if the market does have strong performance in the futureyou get the benefit of that growth without risk. There is a spread, which is a percentage amount determined by the insurance company that is due back to the insurance carrier on any market gains, but your interest amount will never be below zero. You effectively trade a small portion of any gains for the prevention of losses when the market is down.  

We offer a broad array of annuities from leading insurance companies to meet the needs of our clients. Our Annuity and Insurance specialists will work closely with you and guide you in identifying the program that offers the features and benefits that will best suit your needs.