Esther Azwalinsky

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Image of Esther Azwalinsky on Maryland PSA Insurance & Financial Services of Maryland's website

Private Client Specialist

Direct Phone: 443.798.7372
Toll Free: 800.677.7887
Fax: 443.798.7172

Professional Background

Esther Azwalinsky is a specialist in meeting the needs of high net worth individuals. Upon joining the firm in 2002, she was instrumental in developing PSA’s Personal Risk Management division. Today, in addition to managing client relationships, she actively maintains strong relationships with PSA’s elite carrier network. Her efforts ensure PSA clients have access to the world’s finest insurance programs.


Esther has over 20 years of experience in the insurance industry. Prior to joining PSA, she worked for the Mayer & Steinberg Insurance Agency.

Business/Customer Service Philosophy

“I believe customer service is the cornerstone of our business. My philosophy is to enhance the customer experience with great service, which begins with meeting the client to review their needs and building a program that makes sure they are protected. There is a tendency in businesses to think that service is what happens “after” the sale however, when you think in terms of the experience you deliver before, during, and after the sale, you start to see the real opportunities you have to help people.”