The COVID Vaccine Mandate Quandary

Authoritative Information For Informed Decisions in a Re-shaped Workplace

With numerous vaccines becoming available, a re-opening of many of our organizations is in sight. As we consider our “new normal,” business leaders are faced with challenges presented by the societal shifts caused by COVID-19.

How to safely navigate re-opening our workplaces is fraught with considerations both from a health safety and legal standpoint. Until now, finding valid and authoritative sources of information has been difficult for employers. This webinar addresses the most pressing issues facing organizational leaders, including:

  • Understanding the various leading COVID-19 vaccines, including safety and efficacy
  • Misperceptions associated with vaccination
  • Frameworks for a safe return to work for your employees
  • Legal perspectives on the factors and exceptions to consider when determining whether to mandate vaccinations
  • Strategies to encourage employees to get vaccinated.


This nuanced and multi-faceted issue is brought into focus by presenters known to be leaders in medicine as well as employment law. Their combined knowledge will prepare you to make informed decisions whether you have employees currently at the workplace or if you are just now planning for future return to work dates.


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