Webinar Recording: Capturing Your Ace of Spades

Gain trust and influence people

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Thank you for your interest in our June Partnership webinar.

Army negotiator Eric Maddox used his unique and highly effective empathy-based listening to gain trust and amass intelligence, which led to the capture of the Ace of Spades, Saddam Hussein.

In this webinar, he shares his technique, honed over 2,700 interrogations, which has proven to be 16x more effective than traditional methods. Through his riveting story he discusses how you can put his system to work in your business by helping you:

  • Understand why most folks in a conversation do not hear at elite levels.
  • Eliminate the 6 distractions that prevent you from truly connecting at the deepest levels.
  • Instantly create better connections with key relationships.
  • Turn clients and customers into champions and advocates for your organization.
  • Learn how to achieve the same levels of trust with virtual communication.

 Enjoy the recording below. We hope you find the information valuable.



Also, if you like the webinar, don’t forget to download Eric Maddox’s whitepaper about Empathy Based Listening to help you gain trust and influence people.


empathic listening

The most effective form of listening is empathy based listening. However, it can only be achieved if you remove your listening distractors. This whitepaper identifies and discusses the six categories of distractions that prevent you from being able to improve your listening:

– Immediate, non-biased distractors
– Personal, non-biased distractors
– Personal biases towards the subject
– A lack of topic familiarity
– Listener objectives, agenda, and fears
– Listener immediate response distractors

Once you understand your distractors, use the two included worksheets to help you practice implementing empathy based listening in your conversations with others including your clients, associates, and friends.

Download your copy of Empathy Based Listening to increase your listening, and help you gain trust and influence people.