Group Personal Excess Liability Coverage: Protect Your People, Protect Your Business

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It’s no secret we live in a litigious society, and as an executive, business owner, lawyer or physician, you are probably keenly aware of the importance of commercial property & casualty insurance, but did you know that your company’s assets could be at stake if you or even one of your employees is in an accident in a non-company owned vehicle?

Group Personal Excess Liability Coverage is normally thought of as a great added benefit to key employees for retention and morale at little to no cost but it will also protect your company if you, an employee or the company itself is sued. For example, if an employee is in a car accident while driving for business purposes that injures another person and the employee’s liability limits are not sufficient, the injured person could file for damages against your company. By deciding to make this type of coverage available to your staff members, it can help provide peace of mind that your employees and organization will be protected from lawsuits.

To better understand Group Personal Excess Liability Coverage, it’s important to first understand Personal Excess Liability Coverage.

What is Personal Excess Liability Insurance Coverage?

Liability coverage gives you legal protection in case you are sued for something you did (or didn’t do) that resulted in property damage or injury to someone. Personal Excess Liability Insurance Coverage increases the amount of liability coverage you already have for:

  • Homes (primary, vacation and rental)
  • Cars and motorcycles
  • Recreational vehicles (ATVs, Golf Carts, Jet Skis, Snowmobiles)
  • Watercraft (up to 99 feet)

What is Group Personal Excess Liability Coverage?

Group Personal Excess Liability Coverage provides personal liability coverage for each employee in a defined group.

Why is Group Personal Excess Liability Coverage a more attractive option than Personal?

Group Personal Excess Liability Insurance Coverage can be an added comprehensive benefit offered by a company to key personnel, managers and other employees.

  1. By offering it through your company, the underwriting is simplified.
  2. Most likely the pricing will be better as a group than as an individual. Sometimes companies offer coverage as a payroll deduction to further enhance the benefit.
  3. There is no additional premium when adding homes, vehicles, boats, or drivers, over time. Spouse, children and dependents of the employee are covered as well as any person using a covered vehicle or watercraft with permission.
  4. The insurance carrier will not deny coverage to any individual in the designated group with the exception of a criminal or very serious driving conviction.
  5. There is no underwriting factor including the long form you are used to having to fill out – and Group Personal Excess Liability Insurance Coverage minimizes the potential coverage gaps that may exist in individual policies.

What are some additional benefits of Group Personal Excess Liability Insurance?:

  • The standard market direct writers do not write high limits of liability, however Group Personal Excess Liability can write up to $100 million.
  • Many insurance carriers don’t make available uninsured motorist excess coverage but Group Personal Excess Liability Coverage does.
  • By taking advantage of group buying power, optional add-on products are available for a lower cost in comparison to the product alone, such as:
    • Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI), insurance that helps protect you against discriminatory claims from any domestic employee such as a housekeeper or nanny.
    • Not-for-Profit Board Liability coverage, an added layer of protection for individuals who serve on not-for-profit boards of directors. In the unfortunate event that a lawsuit depletes the primary level of coverage, your personal assets as a board member could be at risk. Lawsuits against a not-for-profit board can result from claims of: poor management practices, harassment, copyright infringement, tax law violations, discrimination, wrongful termination and libel and slander.

By choosing to offer your employees Group Personal Excess Liability Coverage, you will help Insulate your business and protect your team members from personal exposures.

This type of coverage might not be right for everyone. It is designed for executives and companies looking for greater protection from lawsuits. And even if you might not be a candidate for Group coverage, it’s important to make sure to check your personal insurance program to see if you have incorporated excess coverage or umbrella and at what level.

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