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  1. Why Appraising Valuables Is Important, and How to Find a Qualified Appraiser

    Have you recently inherited a piece of jewelry or art that is not yet insured? It’s also possible that the worth of a valuable you own has increased over the years without your knowledge, and it’s no longer adequately protected by your policy.

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  4. Car Insurance Rates are Up — 6 strategies to keep your rates under control

    Before we get into the several ways you can mitigate the rising cost of auto insurance, let’s talk about a question I hear all the time: Why does car insurance cost more than it used to? There are a number of reasons:

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  6. Most common business and personal exposures – Are you covered?
  7. Employers: Do Your Homework Before You Buy Long-Term Disability Insurance

    Being a smart buyer of long-term disability insurance (LTD) for your company is about more than just up-front costs — it’s about providing income refuge for the employee and a compassionate and cost-effective path to separation for the employer while reducing liability. We’ll review key aspects of a well-crafted LTD plan, including getting the injured […]

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