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  1. Winter Storm Protection Tips on the Road and in Your Home

    Winter has arrived and for most of the country that means the chance of snow, ice and extreme cold. If The Weather Channel is calling for a blizzard or ice storm in your town, we’ve compiled some helpful tips to help keep you safe and warm. Power outages and blocked roads are common occurrences during […]

  2. Rental Car Insurance – To Buy or Not To Buy?

    A common question I hear as a Personal Insurance Specialist is whether or not to purchase insurance when renting a vehicle. And for a variety of reasons, my answer is always yes, you should purchase rental car insurance.

  3. Steps to Best Prepare Your Home and Property for Winter Weather

    Winter can bring cozy moments, but it also brings cold, snow, and ice that can harm your home. Here are easy steps to keep your home safe and enjoy the season. Protecting Your Pipes Turn Off Exterior Faucets: Shut off exterior faucets from inside and drain any remaining water to prevent freezing. Avoid Frozen Pipes: […]