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About Lynn Argenbright

Lynn Argenbright, RHU, employee benefits consultant, works with companies to develop a healthcare strategy that is linked to the overall business strategy of the organization. Her focus is in developing new business relationships with companies in a range of industries in the middle market. Lynn gained experience in understanding various health plan funding arrangements, plan designs, and interacting with underwriters while working for a national healthcare insurance company. She also has a solid grasp of life insurance, dental, disability, non-traditional benefits, employee contribution modeling, and efficient models of benefits administration.

Crafting an Incentivized Wellness Program That Works

Lynn Argenbright • Nov 19th, 2013

The premise of workplace-based wellness programs is simple: healthy employees cost less to insure. They show up to work more consistently, are more productive, and file fewer health insurance claims. Continue Reading

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Reduce Healthcare Consumption at Your Organization: Getting Started With a Workplace Wellness Program

Lynn Argenbright • Oct 23rd, 2012

In the Employee Benefits world, we have seen a rise over the past several years of employers recognizing the importance of a healthy workforce. In a recent study published in The Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, research suggests a wellness program for employees could improve overall health, job satisfaction and productivity. As a result, an organization can reduce healthcare consumption, which can help control healthcare premiums. The third annual bswift 2012 Wellness and Benefits Administration Benchmarking Study, in conjunction with Employee Benefit News, found that there is a continued increase of employers enhancing their wellness programs to help change employee behavior and move toward improved health outcomes that impact the bottom line.  Continue Reading

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