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  1. More States Require Paid Family and Medical Leave Benefit (Benefit Minute)

    Massachusetts, Washington, and the District of Columbia are the latest jurisdictions to pass paid family and medical leave laws.  The paid leave laws of all three jurisdictions include job protection during the paid leave.

  2. Fringe Benefits for More Than 2% Shareholders of an S Corporation — Benefit Minute
  3. HIPAA Portability and Nondiscrimination – A Refresher (Benefit Minute)
  4. Prescription Drug Developments (Benefit Minute)

    The Trump administration continues to introduce policy and regulatory initiatives addressing four major challenges in the current prescription drug system: high list prices, government programs that overpay for drugs due to lack of effective negotiation, rising out-of-pocket costs to consumers, and foreign government free-riding off American investment in innovation. These initiatives are being led by […]

  5. Recent Developments in Employee Benefit Programs (Benefit Minute)
  6. Benefit Plan and Payroll Limits for 2019 (Benefit Minute)
  7. Outlook for Healthcare Legislation and Regulation After the 2018 Midterm Election (Benefit Minute)

    Healthcare was the hot topic in the 2018 midterm election as exit polls showed that approximately 40% of voters ranked it as the most important issue.  On this issue, Democrats held the advantage which allowed them to gain control of the House of Representatives by a margin of 234 to 200 (one seat still undecided).  […]

  8. Overview of Medicare Secondary Payer Provisions (Benefit Minute)
  9. IRS Provides Guidance on Employer Tax Credit for Paid Family & Medical Leave (Benefit Minute)