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  • Why partner with PSA?


    A cyber risk management quarterback

    As your strategic cyber risk management partner, we do much more than just sell cyber insurance. Our proprietary process helps identify your cyber exposures, and helps you become more resilient, so you can respond faster and recover from cyber incidents.


    A team of partners

    Cyber insurance and risk management is a team sport. Be prepared for an incident and recover faster with our vetted cyber industry expert partners. We provide you access to and facilitate engagement with breach attorneys, reputation management professionals, cyber risk management consultants and managed security services providers.

What does cyber insurance cover?

If you rely on electronic data and technology to operate, cyber insurance is a must-have for your organization. We provide protection for:

First Party Expenses:

  • Regulatory Investigations
  • Fines and Penalties
  • Data Breach Notification and Response
  • Crisis Management and Public Relations
  • Network, Software and Data Restoration
  • Business Interruption and Other Costs


Third Party Liability:

  • Failure to Prevent a Cyber Incident
  • Misuse, Disclosure, Loss or Theft of Confidential Data
  • Content and Media Liability
  • Defense Against Regulatory Proceedings


Electronic Theft (Cybercrime):

  • Theft of money or securities through unauthorized access of your system
  • Funds transfer, ransomware, social engineering fraud and telecommunications theft