Shining Light on the Dark Web

Where does the dark web fit into the security risks that impact your business? And why should you care?

The dark web is perceived to be a mysterious creature. But in reality, it is a vibrant and thriving anonymous ecosystem where data, technology and other ingredients for a cyber-attack are traded. Why is it important to understand the dark web and how cybercriminals operate? Because knowledge of threats helps you stay one step ahead of cybercriminals.

In this webinar, Mike Volk, PSA’s cyber insurance practice leader teamed up with Emily Wilson, VP of Research at Terbium Labs to help you:

• Develop a clear understanding of the dark web
• Understand key drivers of the dark web fraud economy
• Identify at-risk data types and areas of most frequent exposure
• Assess gaps between criminal data valuation and corporate data valuation
• Implement effective strategies to minimize cyber risk and shorten disaster response and recovery time