Darrin Hawkins

Employee Benefits Advisor

Phone Number: 301.848.7165
Email: DHawkins@psafinancial.com

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As a kid, I was very inquisitive. My favorite question was, “Why?” I was always curious to know why things were done in a certain way to explore if there was any room for improvement. Now, I still consider myself to be inquisitive, and I take the time to ask the right questions from my clients to solve their problems more creatively and efficiently.  

Along with my inquisitive qualities, having a sense of responsibility and social belonging has been hard wired in me since my early childhood. When I saw an opportunity to be involved in my community or to help someone, I would take the initiative to do so. From being 16 and working on construction projects at my father’s jobs building handicap-accessible ramps to now volunteering at SOME and my local recreational center, I strive to have my work create a positive impact on my community.  

These personal traits have been the driving force behind why I got into insurance. Since most businesses need insurance, I can make a significant positive impact in this field. My job gives me many opportunities to help organizations in my community by protecting what matters most to them and their employees.  

Why Work With Me

Your Center of Influence  

I’d like my clients to think of me as a well-connected partner. I not only have the insurance resources and skills to mitigate your risks, but I can also help you with any other business-related needs or issues that you may have. For instance, if you need help with a volunteer or mentorship program, I can offer not only my services, but my connections too. Whatever your needs might be, I am a resource and here to help.   

Addressing Your Needs and Solving Your Problems for Good 

Most brokers hear a problem, and they jump to offering their clients a solution without fully understanding the situation. While this might seem like a quick fix, the problem will only be temporarily solved. I believe in taking the time to listen to you to understand the root of a particular problem, to assess what has been done to address it, and to identify what your ideal solution might be. This gives me the opportunity to solve your problems the first time and for good.  

Your Best Ability is Your Availability 

When you work with me, you have access to me 24/7. I take pride in responding quickly to ensure any questions or concerns are addressed. You will also have access to an entire team of employee benefits experts.  

Unlike other brokers, my team consists of an in-house benefits compliance professional, a registered nurse to help control your healthcare costs, a dedicated point person for your account, as well as an employee advocacy team who answers your employees’ benefits-related questions and assists with claims. 


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