Employee Handbook Services

Reducing your administrative burden and legal liability

Are you using an employee handbook template from the internet without adjusting it to your needs? Or is your employee handbook out-of-date?

If so, you are likely exposing your company to potential costly employment lawsuits. Don’t be one of those many companies who make these mistakes.

PSA’s employee handbook services can help create an employee handbook tailored to your business practices and culture, which is important for two key reasons:

  1. Having a compliant and up-to-date company employee handbook helps set standard expectations, provides helpful guidelines, and serves as a resource for employee inquiries, which reduces your burden of answering many questions.
  2. A comprehensive custom handbook can minimize your organization’s legal liability by proactively addressing all possible employment-related issues unique to your business.

We have the expertise and the resources to assist in creating and implementing an employee handbook specific to your needs or reviewing and adjusting your current document. A dedicated HR consultant will work with your business to ensure that the new or updated employee handbook is compliant, efficient, and effective. As part of our employee handbook services we:

  • Review your current policies to provide recommended updates,
  • Suggest and help develop new policies that may be beneficial for your business,
  • Ensure federal and state required language is included where necessary.

Don’t rely on an outdated manual or employee handbook sample that isn’t tailored to your business. Our HR team can help protect you from potential costly lawsuits. Get a custom employee handbook.

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