HR Audit Services

Identifying risks, streamlining processes, and helping you stay compliant

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Is your HR department navigating complex HR regulations and laws while juggling many administrative tasks and strategic initiatives?

If so, mistakes and accidental oversights can easily happen. Just one error can expose your business to regulatory violations and lawsuits.

Our HR audit services can help you proactively uncover gaps in your HR administration to ensure your practices are compliant, satisfactory, and effective. Aside from minimizing any potential legal issues, an HR audit can also guide you in building best-in-class HR practices, which can help you attract and retain top talent.

An HR audit provides an objective evaluation of your HR processes, procedures, documents and systems. We’ll determine what you’re doing well, but also what areas need improvement to meet HR compliance standards, create efficiencies, or reduce costs. As part of our HR audit services, we’ll ask questions focusing on specific HR areas, and may also include surveys to gather feedback from HR employees and department managers.

Our human resources audit services include:

  • General HR Audit Services

    We identify gaps in your HR administration, provide recommendations to address issues, help streamline processes for efficiency, and document workflows as needed. PSA’s HR team also helps ensure you are compliant with HR related federal and state laws. Our HR compliance audit focuses on two main areas:

    1. Your operational HR procedures, such as recruiting, employee retention, employee benefits, compensation, employee relations, employee development, and performance management
    2. Your HR indicators, which can include internal complaints filed, absenteeism rates, turnover, number of unfilled positions, average time to fill open positions, legal complaints filed
  • Employee File Audit

    Do you have a compliant process for accurately maintaining and storing your employees’ information, should you ever be audited by a third party?

    Our HR audit service reviews your current paper and electronic employee files and outlines the types of documents you should keep and where to store them. We also provide detailed reports noting if an employee’s file is missing any important documents.

    For instance, we help ensure you have a record of all job-related documents – such as, performance reviews, disciplinary actions, policy acknowledgements, job descriptions, and offer letters – and they are stored in a single place—the employee’s general file. We also make sure sensitive, confidential, or medical documents are stored separately.

  • I-9 Form Audit

    To reduce your risk of potential liability, we audit your I-9 forms for all your employees to ensure you each employee is accounted for, and all forms are completed accurately and timely.

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