Recruitment & Staffing Services

Whatever your recruitment needs—we have them covered!

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PSA’s Human Resources consulting team offers a wide range of recruitment services to help you find top talent that will help transform your business. We understand that every recruiting need is different, which is why we offer custom talent acquisition solutions to meet your objectives. You can engage us at any point in the recruiting process to assist with only certain hiring services, or we can manage the entire recruitment cycle for you. We are dedicated to working with you hand-in-hand to create the best recruiting strategy for your company.

Our recruitment and staffing services include:

  • Creating a position description that matches the company’s short- and long-term needs
  • Establishing the candidate pool
  • Pre-screening respondents for initial phone interviews
  • Selection of applicants for onsite interviews
  • Coordination of interview scheduling
  • Participation in onsite interviews
  • Referring finalist candidates to management
  • Preparation of offer
  • Presentation of offer to selected candidate


The structure of each engagement will be based on your company’s specific needs. Recruitment services are available either on a flat fee per search basis or for an hourly rate.

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