Hurricane Checklist for When a Storm is Imminent

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In addition to preventing hurricane damage to your home, there are specific items that are necessary to do and account for when a major storm is within hours of hitting. PSA wants you to be aware of the following steps that will help protect you, your family and your home.

If a hurricane watch has been issued and hurricane conditions are possible within 24-36 hours:

  • Make sure all of your vehicles have full tanks of gas.
  • Obtain some cash as banks and ATMs may not be available for an extended period of time.
  • Turn your refrigerator and freezer to their coldest setting.
  • Fill containers with water for non-drinking use in case you rely on a well, or the municipal system fails or becomes contaminated.
  • Board or shutter windows.
  • Tape exposed glass, close drapes and move furniture away from exposed doors and windows.
  • Items to have on hand:
    • A First Aid Kit
    • Important documents, such as medical records, insurance policies and checkbook, should be stored in a watertight container
    • A two-week supply of drinking water, non-perishable food, and fuel for alternative cooking appliances, such as gas or charcoal grills – however do not use grills in confined spaces
    • A supply of batteries for battery-operated radios or televisions
    • A supply of candles in the event of a power outage
    • An adequate supply of prescription medications
    • Portable radio
    • Mobile devices

If you must evacuate your home:

  • Shut off all your utilities at the main switch.
  • Disconnect all of your appliances.
  • If needed, make reservations at a safe destination and let a friend or family member know where the destination is located and how to best contact you.
  • Keep receipts for all of your relocation expenses for insurance purposes.
  • Items to bring with you:
    • A First Aid Kit
    • Drinking Water
    • Snacks
    • Prescription Medications
    • Important Documents, such as medical records, insurance policies, check book, etc.
    • Family Pet and Pet Supplies (if applicable)

If you are unable to evacuate before a hurricane and must stay in your home throughout the storm, make sure to:

  • Remain indoors in a small interior room, closet, or hallway on the lowest level.
  • Stay away from windows and glass doors.
  • Close all interior doors. Secure and brace external doors.
  • Keep curtains and blinds closed.
  • Lie under a table or other sturdy object.
  • Listen to a battery-operated radio or television for updates from official sources.
  • If you are in an area that is in danger of flooding, do not seek refuge below ground level (such as a basement or storm cellar).
  • Do not use phone or candles during the storm.

We hope that you find these checklists helpful if you or your family ever find yourselves caught in a hurricane or major storm. Please be cautious and stay safe. Check back soon for our third installment of the hurricane preparedness blog post series. In the meantime, should you have any questions or would like to discuss your personal risk management needs, contact me at