What to Do When Your Home Sustains Hurricane Damage

Posted in: Personal Insurance

When a major storm hits, it can be devastating, leaving significant hurricane damage in its wake. If your home has sustained damage, you and your family can take steps to ensure safety precautions are met and repairs can be made as efficiently as possible.

  • Beware of outdoor hazards, such as dangling power lines and broken tree limbs, and immediately report them to the proper authority.
  • Boil water until you have been told it’s safe to drink.
  • Avoid flood water, as it may have harmful contaminants and dangerous debris.
  • Once flood water is gone, immediately clean and repair damages to avoid mold—and wear protective gear.
  • Throw out food that may have been contaminated by power outage or flooding.
  • Turn on the utilities after it’s determined that it’s safe to do so—if you use electrical or gas appliances that were wet, you may be at risk for electrical shocks or fires.
  • If property damage occurs, submit an insurance claim as soon as you can.
    • Take photos of any damage before clean-up and repair efforts begin—you’ll need them for insurance claims purposes.
    • Inform your claims specialist of any mitigation actions you take.
    • Prevent additional damage by completing temporary repairs. For instance, if your basement has flooded or water has intruded into other parts of your house, pump and dry everything as soon as possible.

While natural disasters, such as hurricanes and major storms, are inevitable, we hope that you will find some comfort in knowing the steps you can take to prevent, prepare and handle the aftermath of a storm.

For questions or more advice on hurricane preparedness, please feel free to contact Esther Azwalinsky, private client specialist, at EAzwalinsky@psafinancial.com or 443.798.7372.