We’ve Got Your Back!: The PSA Partnership Program

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As in all aspects of life, we often see good things emerge from hardship and strife. Usually it’s during the toughest of times when you find out who’s really got your back. Difficult times also push us to expand our ways of thinking and in our efforts to get ourselves and those we care about headed back in the right direction, great ideas can be born. Throughout the Great Recession and the slow and bumpy recovery, we witnessed many of our clients taking hard hits. These are well-run, sound companies that have been sorely impacted by market conditions beyond their control.

A few years ago when our economy was at its weakest, we at PSA asked ourselves, “How can we support our clients above and beyond the world of insurance and financial services, especially throughout these volatile and challenging times?” And by asking this question, we found inspiration to develop the PSA Partnership Program, a platform that would help support and galvanize our clients. We’ve always prided ourselves on being a PARTNER, not a VENDOR, and this program was the vessel that would help us deliver on this commitment like never before.

The program’s mission is to help our clients grow and better manage their businesses. At the heart of the program is our seminar series where we come together regularly to exchange ideas with experts in leadership, motivation, negotiations, business development, workplace culture, operational efficiency and other topics. Together, we have formed and cultivated an extraordinary community — full of dynamic innovators, strategists and leaders that come together to learn, get better and ardently support one another.

We hope you’ll consider attending our next seminar. In addition to the learning you’ll receive from our expert seminar leaders, we will be a resource to help introduce you to new prospective clients, partners and the top professional services firms in the region. So the next time your business faces a challenge or needs advice, we invite you to reach out to PSA — we’ve got your back — and you may be surprised at the value our partnership can bring.

Our next PSA Partnership Seminar, “Zen Leadership Philosophies and Practices: Understanding ‘What’s So’ to Create the Company (and Life) You Envision” presented by John Starling, Founding Partner, Smith Growth Partners, will be held on January 29th. Please visit www.psapartnership.com to register.

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