Neuroscience and the Art of Fearless Leadership: What is Holding You Back?

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Most leaders never reach their potential because their unconscious fears and limiting beliefs hamper their ability to make tough decisions and act decisively. This month’s PSA Partnership seminar on February 26th is titled “Neuroscience and the art of Fearless Leadership” and features Umar Hameed, CEO, Productivity Cubed and CEO/Director of Education, The Baltimore Washington Institute of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). In our seminar, Mr. Hameed will outline some of the fundamental underpinnings of Neuroscience to provide you with a toolkit to successfully overcome unconscious fears that hold you back – especially in leadership roles.

Mr. Hameed is one of the world’s leading experts on changing human behavior in individuals and in teams. He is an expert in Neuro Linguistic Psychology (NLP) who has worked with thousands of clients to help them let go of their self-imposed limitations. He founded Productivity Cubed, a consulting firm, to help empower organizations and individuals to realize their full potential.

Mr. Hameed has an interesting vlog, I recommend checking out. A recent video compares how great leaders are like magicians.


During his PSA Partnership seminar, Mr. Hameed will share the art of fearless leadership helping attendees find new capacities to drive change, build a highly engaged and passionate workforce and deliver exponential shareholder value.

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