March PSA Partnership: Lessons in Leadership from Triathlete and Consultant Michael Bryant

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Leading people is not for the faint hearted. Neither is competing in an Ironman triathlon. This month’s PSA Partnership seminar on March 26th is titled “Iron Lessons” and features management consultant and four-time Ironman finisher, Michael Bryant. In our seminar, Mr. Bryant will share the lessons he has learned as an endurance athlete to help you overcome challenges in your business.

Mr. Bryant founded Career Transition Services-now CTS Consulting more than 30 years ago, with a focus on assisting both individuals and corporations on how to create effective working lives. Business leaders seek out his advice to help them manage their organizations and he helps them create plans that will allow them to meet the needs of their employees while growing profits. Individuals come to Michael to help them create satisfying careers that will allow them to have some balance in their lives.

During his PSA Partnership seminar, Mr. Bryant will share:

  • what to do when “lightning strikes” your business and how to recover when disasters unexpectedly occur;
  • how to create the “great equalizer” that will radically increase both the involvement and commitment of your employees, managers and stake holders;
  • and, how to stay focused long-term to accomplish your goals and help others accomplish theirs.

Mr. Bryant, who is also an accomplished writer, has a blog that I definitely recommend checking out called “Secrets of Success.” His most current post, “The Rules of the Road”, compares the rules of the road to the rules of a successful organization:

Every day in this country a miracle happens.
People get into their cars and drive through towns, on side roads and on high- speed beltways and interstates.
They are in vehicles weighing over a ton driving at speeds that may exceed 70 miles per hour.
Over the course of a year, they do this hundreds of times while driving thousands of miles yet somehow almost all of them manage to arrive safely at their destination.
How is that possible?
The answer is simple.
People follow the rules of the road. Here is how it happens. Read more.

Register here to attend “Iron Lessons” on March 26th.

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