Break the Rules, Close More Business with Matthew Neuberger at our Next PSA Partnership Seminar

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Matthew Neuberger has built a world-class sales training and development company, Neuberger & Co., which is an authorized licensee of the Sandler Sales Institute. The firm is recognized for its leadership role in training “executional” leadership, sales and sales management training and sales technology integration across a multitude of industries.

During Matthew’s September 24th PSA Partnership seminar, he will deliver leadership and sales training that will provide new strategies and processes designed to increase revenue growth and profitability per client, per deal and per salesperson.

One topic Matthew will cover is the traditional buyer’s rules and why they cost CEO’s time, money and resources.

  • How would you know if buyers are using these rules on your team?
  • You’re spending a lot of time and resources educating the buyer in the form of unclosed proposals.
  • Sales are unpredictable.
  • Your margins are shrinking.
  • Your sales team is telling you your pricing is high.
  • Your sales team tells you they’re “reaching out” to the prospect and the prospect is hiding.

From the buyer’s standpoint, these rules work well because they have gotten everything they need from the salesperson without paying anything or making any commitments. From the salesperson’s perspective, this is a major problem because they have invested time and resources in this process. And from the CEO’s seat, there is frustration regarding the company’s wasted resources spent on an unqualified buyer.

The buyer system is designed to extract as much free information without having to make any commitments. The key to educating prospective, qualified clients is to make sure there is equal give and take. As an executive, your job is to ensure your sales team develops consistent practices consistently eliminating the buyer rules. This approach will help you avoid the free consulting trap.

Neuberger & Co. walks the walk, and audiences have found their approach to sales and business development refreshing, exciting and lasting. Learn more about breaking the traditional buyer’s rules at our September 24th PSA Partnership seminar. Visit to register.

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