Ignite Innovation in Your Company at the October PSA Partnership Event with Technology Entrepreneur and Investor Greg Cangialosi

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Greg Cangialosi is an entrepreneur and investor based in Baltimore, MD who has built a reputation as a pioneer in today’s online landscape as a marketer and innovator. He is co-founder of Betamore, an 8,000 square foot campus for technology and entrepreneurship located in Federal Hill, which opened its doors in January 2013. Betamore’s mission is to stimulate the establishment and growth of technology-based startup companies through business collaboration and incubation and to offer career-focused education led by current industry experts to a growing public community of learners. In the ten months Betamore has been open, its member start-ups have raised $4.42 million in venture capital.

Greg is also the co-founder of the Baltimore Angels, a group of investors who are current and cashed-out entrepreneurs who have “done it” and can help other entrepreneurs advance to the next stage. Baltimore Angels’ investments are strategic, and not passive and they are looking for early stage technology based companies, run by entrepreneurs with a strong vision, and who are typically just beyond a friends-and-family round.

At our October 29th PSA Partnership event, Greg, who also founded Blue Sky Factory, a leading email marketing service provider that was acquired by WhatCounts two years ago, will reveal why innovation inside of your organization must become a core competency in order to prosper in the years ahead. In order to remain competitive in a world where technology is advancing VERY rapidly, it’s important to understand the factors that can affect your business as well as industry. As a business executive, you need to be able to see change coming and embrace it rather than resist it. As we all know the only constant is change and it’s how we handle it and adapt to it that will determine the winners from the those who get left in the dust.

At our PSA Partnership event, Greg will also share some of the leading technologies that you need to be aware of and examples of how they’ve changed or are changing industries and markets; for example, 3D printing. With Greg’s extensive experience in the technology world, he believes that 3D printing is going to change everything and in a big way for many industries. In healthcare, 3D prints will allow for better grafting and outcomes in cranial, spine and orthopedic implants that will be able to be customized to a patient’s body. And the retailing industry will also be affected as businesses use 3D printers to print custom-designed goods for their customers. These are only two industry examples as there will be such a wide variety of opportunities with 3D printing, which in itself is just one example of mass innovation that is happening right now.

Learn more about how to ignite innovation in your company at our evening PSA Partnership seminar on October 29th. Visit www.psapartnership.com to register.

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