Frozen Pipe Prevention for Your Home and Business

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During these cold winter months, the risk of pipes bursting rises dramatically due to the increased potential of frozen water. There are precautions you can take both at your home and workplace to help prevent water damage from a burst pipe.

Residential Tips:

  • Service boilers, furnaces, heaters and flues at least once per year
  • Know where your internal stop/tap valve is located in your home and how to turn it off
  • On very cold days/nights, open your sink cabinets to let in more heat
  • Make sure your pipes are insulated
  • Check pipes regularly and schedule  maintenance to ensure there are no cracks or disconnections

Commercial Tips:

In a commercial setting, fire sprinklers are an added risk. Not only is there the potential for water damage like regular water pipes but there is also the hazard of compromised fire protection with impaired automatic water sprinklers. With the right planning and regular service, your risk for a burst water pipe at the office will decrease immensely. First and foremost, your building temperature should be maintained at 55 degrees Fahrenheit or higher.

Service that should be scheduled regularly (at least yearly):

  • Check dry lines for proper drainage so trapped water doesn’t cause breakage
  • Perform freeze protection inspections
  • Service boilers, furnaces heaters and flues
  • Inspect tanks for leaks and check pressure
  • Make sure windows, skylights and doors are in good condition

Other important to do’s:

  • Make sure the fire pump room is not below 70 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Close the cold weather valves on wet pipe sprinkler systems and keep all others open
  • Check drains located in cold places
  • Make sure low air pressure alarms are provided, calibrated and connected

Steps you can take to plan ahead:

  • Develop a contingency plan with contractors and suppliers
  • Create an emergency plan for fire and water damage

Stay warm this winter and if you have any questions about your insurance policy and water damage coverage resulting from a burst pipe, please feel free to contact me at