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Establishing an effective employee benefits program and proficiently managing it can be pivotal in boosting employee morale and retaining valuable talent within your organization. Unfortunately, not all benefits broker firms or consultants offer the same level of service. Among the essential services to prioritize when selecting a benefits broker is Employee Advocacy. In this article, we aim to shed light on employee benefits and why Employee Advocacy is a game-changer.

Understanding Employee Advocacy

Employee Advocacy entails access to a dedicated team of experts tasked with addressing any inquiries related to employee benefits and resolving day-to-day issues that may arise within your benefits plan. They typically handle concerns like claims, benefit queries, and, in some cases, provide assistance during open enrollment while furnishing coverage information. Regrettably, not all benefits brokers extend this service; some merely redirect employees to contact the insurance carrier directly to address the aforementioned issues.

The Advantages of an Insurance Broker with Dedicated Client Advocacy

  1. Lightened Administrative Burden for Your Team

    By entrusting the management of daily employee benefits matters to the right benefits broker, you can save precious time for your HR department, management team, and employees. A proficient benefits broker can effectively address all employee benefit-related questions, relieving you of the administrative hassle.

  2. Swift Issue Resolution

    Benefits brokers equipped with Employee Advocacy teams provide employees with a direct line for seeking support, bypassing the lengthy wait times often associated with 1-800 numbers on insurance cards. Unlike calling the carrier directly, where employees may encounter different representatives each time they follow up on an issue, Employee Advocacy teams designate a single point of contact to manage the issue through resolution. Moreover, a skilled advocacy team maintains direct relationships with the insurance provider’s staff, facilitating quicker problem-solving and response times. This is invaluable in preventing employee frustration stemming from unresolved healthcare queries.

  3. Headache Avoidance for Your Employees

    A competent client advocacy team acts as a mediator and advocate when dealing with medical, dental, or vision insurance claims. In complex cases or when an unpaid bill approaches collections, the team can step in to address minor issues before they escalate. Such support goes a long way in fostering loyalty and satisfaction among your employees, significantly impacting their perception of both their benefits and your company as a whole.

Real-world Scenarios Managed by Our Team at PSA

  • Responding to Service Coverage Questions: Our team addresses common questions about coverage for services like chiropractic, acupuncture, and dental implants. They are also well-equipped to handle unique situations and stay updated on coverage changes.
  • Verifying Benefits Eligibility: We help ensure that new parents correctly add their newborns to their health insurance policies to extend coverage beyond the initial 30 days.
  • Correcting Enrollment Errors: Typos in benefit enrollments can lead to coverage termination, but our client service team can rectify these issues swiftly.
  • Handling Old Insurance Cards: When individuals inadvertently provide outdated insurance cards to healthcare providers, our benefits team steps in to rectify the situation and prevent erroneous charges.
  • Claims Advocacy: Our team manages claims, from simple corrections to more complex scenarios, such as assisting a member seeking medical treatment abroad when the bill is in a foreign language.

The Significance of Employee Advocacy

Employees represent one of an organization’s most valuable assets and should be treated as such. Without a robust and content workforce, company culture and morale suffer. Therefore, it’s crucial not only to offer employee benefits but also to ensure your benefits broker advocates for your front-line employees.

Peace of mind is one of the most valuable assets you can provide to your company and employees. Knowing that you’re not only offering high-quality benefits but also managing them effectively with a trustworthy partner can bring peace of mind to your employees and their families.

When your employees face seemingly insurmountable insurance obstacles, a proficient Client Advocacy Team will step in to provide support.

At PSA, our award-winning Employee Benefits division and client services team prioritize the well-being of your company and each of your employees. Please feel free to contact me at to learn more.