PSA on Wheelz

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“I remember my grandmother volunteering for Meals on Wheels (MOW) when I was younger,” Matt Werden, PSA Employee Benefits advisor, recalls. “And listening to Ellen Falk, Director of Volunteer Services at MOW of Central Maryland, at one of our internal non-profit lunch-and-learn events about volunteer opportunities with MOW, something just created a spark in me. I knew I wanted to get more involved.”

PSA has been partnering with MOW, volunteering periodically for a few years now. But most recently, we’ve ramped up our support under Matt’s leadership by organizing a more concerted effort to get more PSA employees to participate. Every month over 40 team members consistently dedicate their lunch breaks to delivering meals to 5-6 homebound clients on each route, who struggle to cook or leave their house to go shopping.

“It’s the best feeling to make a difference in someone else’s life,” says Jamie Nash, PSA’s Operations Manager, who has been volunteering with MOW for over 13 years. “But the coolest thing about volunteering during your lunch hour is the time that you get to spend with your colleagues and get to bond with them more,” Jamie continues. This not only creates a better culture, but it also improves our abilities to better serve our clients.”

“The interactions you have with the people you deliver to is the most rewarding part,” Matt continues. “It might be the only interaction that person has all day. And if you can bring a smile to their face during that 2-3 minute conversation, that’s what you remember the most.”

“They’re [PSA employees] very kind,” one client testifies. “They all do a great, great job.” We are thankful for the kind words and thrilled to be able to make a difference and help our community.