Recognizing PSA 2020 Employee Appreciation Award Recipients

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Corporate culture is a core part of PSA’s workplace identity, and every year, PSA celebrates our successes and recognize employees who went above and beyond. These individuals personify our mission and corporate values, shown through their tireless dedication to growing and protecting the assets of our clients. Our employee appreciation award recipients not only exude our key values, but also lead and inspire others to achieve greatness at PSA and for our clients.

At PSA, our values are embodied in the acronym, CAPP:

  • Constant Improvement: We pursue continuous improvement and excellence in projects, products, processes, and services, and define success as getting the right things done well.
  • Alignment: We understand individual and company goals and how their individual role contributes to our purpose and mission.
  • Partnership: We form, nurture, and sustain partnerships with clients and centers of influence to achieve mutual growth and success
  • Performance: We value achievement and success.

2020 CAPP Awards

One of the PSA employee appreciation awards is called the CAPP award. This year’s recipients exemplified each of these four values through their work results, individual and professional growth, partnership with clients and across departments, and overall significant contributions to PSA’s success in 2020. These individuals were nominated by peers and chosen from those nominations by our leadership team. Congratulations to the 2020 CAPP Award winners:

  • Maureen Jones
  • Ashley McGrath
  • Pat Holechek
  • Alice Daisley
  • Kate Price
  • Ben Wilson

2020 MVP Awards

Every team and organization has star-performers who are leading the charge and quarterbacking company initiatives and client deliverables. These employees help push progress for our organization that allows PSA to evolve with the times and be the best possible partners to our employees and clients. Congratulations to the 2020 MVP employee appreciation award winners:

  • Aime Hartland
  • Mandy Griffith
  • Tara Bolotin
  • Lauren Russel

2020 Unsung Hero Awards

Last, but certainly not least, are those key employees who put in countless hours and effort behind the scenes to keep our company performing during the unprecedented events of 2020. These employees are often making contributions under the radar, and rarely receive the spotlight and thanks they deserve. Congratulations to the 2020 Unsung Hero Award winners:

  • James Shelton
  • Taylor Crowley
  • Terry Williams

Thank you to our dedicated employees for their exceptional service and clients for trusting PSA with your business and partnership. We look forward to all we will accomplish together this year and beyond. PSA remains committed to protecting and growing the assets of our clients, no matter the climate. If we can be of service to your organization, please do not hesitate to contact us.