Kaci Byers partners with PSA and client, House of Ruth Maryland, to Combat Domestic Violence in Maryland

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As an organization focused on giving back, PSA encourages employees to nominate a non-profit organization of their choice to be considered as the recipient of PSA employee charitable fund donations. A different employee-nominated nonprofit is awarded these funds on a quarterly basis.  

The 2021 second quarter recipient of the funds is PSA client, House of Ruth Maryland, nominated by Kaci Byers, PSA’s Senior Vice President of Employee Benefits. 

House of Ruth Maryland is a nonprofit organization with a mission to end intimate partner violence against women and their children by dismantling the culture of aggression and systems that perpetuate such behavior. House of Ruth intervenes in violent scenarios to provide shelter to those in immediate danger, provides counseling and other support services to tear down barriers and isolation, and prevents continued or future abuse by working with aggressors to change behaviors. 

Kaci Byers has been involved with House of Ruth Maryland for several years, and as someone who has experienced domestic violence in the past, the work and mission of this organization hits close to home. She is passionate about helping other women who experience intimate partner violence find the support and resources they need to escape dangerous situations, find community, and break the cycle of abuse. Kaci Byers has worked on the House of Ruth Maryland’s Crabaret Charity Committee for eight years, an event which raises funds through corporate and individual sponsorships as well as a live and silent auction for donated items and experiences, to support the services and housing they provide to victims of abuse. 

Kaci shared that during the past year, the number of incidents of injury and death due to intimate partner violence has increased, with more people working from home during the COVID pandemic, victims couldn’t get away from violent partners to seek support. Also, due to COVID-19 and social distancing regulations, House of Ruth Maryland has been unable to host the annual charity events they rely on to raise the funds they need to support their mission, and as a result have been relying heavily on donations like this one from PSA. 

If you are interested in supporting House of Ruth as they fight for vulnerable women, victims, and children in the Maryland community, please feel free to visit their website to find volunteer and donation opportunities.  

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