Jenny Wing Partners with PSA to Support the Dravet Syndrome Foundation

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As an organization focused on giving back, PSA encourages our employees to nominate a nonprofit organization of their choice to be considered as the recipient of our employee charitable fund donations. This donation is awarded to a different nonprofit organization on a quarterly basis. The 2023 first quarter recipient of the funds is the Dravet Syndrome Foundation nominated by Jenny Wing, one of our Client Managers here at PSA. 

Dravet Syndrome is a rare form of intractable epilepsy that results from a genetic mutation. It can cause an individual to have developmental delays, frequent and prolonged seizures, balance issues, delayed speech, sensory disorders, etc.  

The Dravet Syndrome Foundation (DSF) works to raise funding for Dravet syndrome, finance research, increase awareness, and to provide support for affected individuals and their families. Through funding and clinical trials, the foundation has been able to provide: 

  • The approval of three effective medications by the FDA that were previously unavailable in the United States  
  • Research grants of over $4 million dollars 
  • Yearly conferences to further education and provide support to Dravet families 
  • And more! 

Jenny Wing nominated the Dravet Syndrome Foundation because of how instrumental the organization has been for her family. Jenny’s son was diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome when he was just 11 months old after having his first two seizures that lasted over 45 minutes each. Through the support and resources of the foundation, Jenny’s son, who now is nine, has been able to receive the right medications to keep his symptoms under control. He now experiences 2 or 3 seizures a month that last about minute or so each. This has given Jenny, her son, and her family an immense amount of relief for now.  

Jenny noted that the impact the Dravet Syndrome Foundation has had on her family is extraordinary. She claimed that “The support system and available resources are amazing. I’m incredibly thankful for them!” 

If you are interested in supporting the Dravet Syndrome Foundation, please feel free to visit their website to find donation opportunities.  

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