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  1. Cybersecurity Risk Management Plans and Workplace Safety Part 2

    As mentioned in the first installment of this blog series, cyber risk management has become a mission-critical activity for a long-term viability of any organization, which should be driven by leadership and involve all technology users. But often, building and implementing a cybersecurity risk management plan is quite challenging for non-technical executives. To help, in […]

  2. Cybersecurity Risk Management Plans and Workplace Safety

    If you’ve experienced a cyber event or data breach, or you understand how easy it is for one to occur, then you know the mission-critical importance of cybersecurity risk management plans. However, unlike traditional risk management — for things like employee safety culture or physical security — cyber risk management has only recently started to […]

  3. DFARS Clause 7012 and You

    Leaders are increasingly acknowledging that investing in cybersecurity is a smart business decision. They are making cyber risk management an enterprise priority and dedicating time and resources to understand their risk. For these leaders, the goal is resiliency – the ability to withstand and quickly bounce back from an incident without severe business interruption or […]

  4. Cyber Insurance: Your Backstop in Your Cyber Incident Response

    Cyber threats aren’t going away or becoming any easier to address. According to a recent study conducted by Hiscox Insurance in the past year, 72 percent of large companies in the U.S. have reported at least one attack. Sixty-eight percent of smaller U.S. companies during this same period reported at least one attack.

  5. Launching Your Cyber Risk Review

    Businesses tend to focus most on purchasing the latest technology to protect against cyber threats without fully understanding their organizational exposures. While technology is critical, it should only be a part of a holistic cyber resiliency strategy. A good place to begin for many leaders is to establish a fundamental understanding of cyber risk, how […]

  6. Demystifying Cyber Risk: Executives, champion your cyber risk management

    Effective cyber risk management involves every part of an organization. Cybersecurity policies guide employee behavior and shape culture. Cybersecurity training helps employees — from IT staff to administrative professionals to C-suite executives — understand and protect the organization from cyber threats. Technology helps enforce policies and provides essential defense and detection capabilities. But the success […]

  7. A Snapshot of Today’s Most Prevalent Cyber Threats for the Non-Technical Executive, Part 2

    In a recent blog post, we shared two prevalent cyber risks that your organization should be aware of — phishing and malware. Of course, those aren’t the only two threats you face when using technology or handling electronic data. This blog post provides an overview of two additional cyber threats to help you build a […]

  8. A Snapshot of Today’s Most Prevalent Cyber Threats for the Non-Technical Executive, Part 1

    Keeping up with the ever-changing cyber threat landscape is essential for making smart decisions about cyber risk management. For many leaders, combing through the constant stream of information can be challenging and time consuming. A good approach to sort through the intimidating amount of information is to set a simple, achievable goal of dedicating time […]

  9. 5 Ways Cyber Insurance Can Help Your Physician’s Practice Manage Cyber Risk

    Did you know? To date, in 2017 there have been 133 reported data breaches in the healthcare industry – on average 17,849 records breached per incident. The Ponemon Institute estimates the cost per lost or stolen healthcare record to be about $400. This does not include fines and penalties, which can further increase the cost. […]