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  1. It Can Happen to You: Why Workplace Violence Insurance is the “New Normal”

    The Capital Gazette, Sandy Hook, Las Vegas, the Colorado Cinemark—active shooting incidents are becoming more frequent every year. In 2017 alone there were 346 mass shootings in the United States, compared to 270 in 2014. And as of July 31 of this year, we’ve had 202 incidents.

  2. Beyond Policies: Are Your Healthcare Employees Prepared to Deal With an Active Shooter?
  3. Are Your Volunteers Protected by Your Workers’ Comp or Liability Policy?
  4. Before You Buy an Elder Care Facility, Do Your Workers’ Comp Due Diligence

    If you’re in the elder care or nursing home industry, you’re likely aware of the movement happening across your industry. Mergers and acquisitions are more and more prevalent, and when they occur, one of the biggest mistakes buyers make is not doing their due diligence on the newly acquired business.

  5. Prevent Nursing Home Injuries and Costly Workers’ Comp Claims
  6. Nursing Homes: Control Losses with Workers’ Comp Policies and Procedures
  7. Nursing Homes: Avoid Costly Workers’ Compensation Claims

    One might think nursing homes constitute a low-risk work environment. But that’s not the case: employees of nursing homes and personal care facilities suffer some of the highest rates of injuries on the job. Consequently, nursing homes experience a lost workday illness and injury (LWDII) rate more than four times higher than that of private […]

  8. Don’t Settle for Sub-Par Reporting from Your Healthcare TPA
  9. What to Look for in a Litigation Manager for Your Elder Care Facility