PSA Perspective

  1. 5 Solutions to Combat the Rising Costs of Prescription Drugs

    As medical plan premiums increase and employees are prescribed high-cost specialty drugs, employers are left wondering about solutions to the rising costs of prescription drugs in their health plans.  

  2. 9 Overlooked Workplace Safety Practices to Implement

    Spring cleaning isn’t just for your home! As the weather warms up and the sun comes out, it can shed a light on areas of your property that may need some attention. While these tasks can be time intensive and not always fun, they’re crucial tasks to perform. When tasks such as these are ignored, […]

  3. 4 Steps to Building a Non-Discrimination Policy

    Employees want to feel valued and protected in the workplace. As employers, one of the things you can do to demonstrate your commitment to inclusivity is to adopt a non-discrimination policy that protects all of your employees from discrimination and workplace harassment. Building policies like these can be complicated and require careful planning and collaboration, […]

  4. Cyber Security: Managing Your Risk, Protecting Your Assets

    Cyber attacks can happen to anyone — even the National Security Agency. U.S. contractor Edward Snowden’s historic data breach and subsequent disclosure of thousands of classified NSA documents to The Guardian and then The Washington Post led to more than six months’ worth of revelations on NSA surveillance programs. But government agencies and big companies like […]

  5. Imputed Income for Group Term Life Insurance

    This alert provides summary information about an important issue you may wish to review with your payroll provider, tax or accounting department, or CPA to determine whether you need to make any adjustments to your tax withholding amounts for 2023 W-2’s. Generally, employees are not taxed on the value of employer-provided benefits for the employee […]

  6. It’s Time to Count Your Employees

    Many provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), such as cost-sharing limits, mandatory no-cost preventive care, and waiting period limitations, apply to all employer-sponsored health plans. However, employers who qualify as an Applicable Large Employer (ALE) have additional obligations that can result in significant penalties if they are not met. The determination of an employer’s […]

  7. 2024 Employee Benefit Plan Limits

    The IRS recently announced cost-of-living adjustments to the applicable dollar limits for various employer-sponsored welfare plans for 2024. Some of the dollar limits currently in effect for 2023 will remain the same, but most limits will increase in 2024. Employers should update payroll and plan administration systems for 2024 and incorporate the new limits in […]

  8. PSA In Good Health 2023 Volume 8

    Conquer Clutter Decluttering is often associated with Spring cleaning, that annual ritual that finds us making way for new beginnings and fresh perspectives. But no matter the time of year, if you are struggling and stressed with more stuff than can fit in your space, it’s time for action. Catherine Roster at the University of […]

  9. GCPCA Resources

    The Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021 (CAA) is intended to promote transparency in health care. One provision of the CAA prohibits “gag clauses” in agreements between health insurers/group health plans and health care providers or other third parties. The ban on gag clauses was effective on December 27, 2020. The CAA also requires health insurers and […]