HR Templates and Resources

An ondemand, online HR policy template library at your fingertips

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Do you need an HR template, a review of existing policies, or help creating new employee handbooks and manuals? As part of our HR Outsourcing Services program, we can help with all of that.

PSA has access to a variety of templates, checklists, policies, and other resources to help implement HR and company procedures. Our clients can access the ThinkHR online repository of HR templates at their convenience. Alternatively, they can receive any templates by working with their PSA HR Consultant. This comprehensive library includes documents, which are reviewed for regulatory compliance, simplicity and efficiency, and cover all aspects of workforce administration from hiring to separation.

But we don’t stop at simply providing access to HR templates—our HR Consultants work with you to customize all documents to fit your current business practices and the company culture.

You can’t find a certain HR policy template in our online library? No worries. PSA can work with you to create the document you need.

Highlights of HR templates and resources we can provide:

  • Legal agreement samples for offer letters, non-compete, and severance agreements
  • Onboarding toolkits
  • Compliant employee handbook template
  • Performance review samples
  • Customized total compensation statements
  • Compensation benchmark data
  • Termination checklist
  • Compliance alerts
  • COBRA/HIPAA content and compliance documents
  • HR audit checklist


Interested in learning more how our HR experts can make life a little easier for your organization?

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