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  1. Employers: Do Your Homework Before You Buy Long-Term Disability Insurance

    Being a smart buyer of long-term disability insurance (LTD) for your company is about more than just up-front costs — it’s about providing income refuge for the employee and a compassionate and cost-effective path to separation for the employer while reducing liability. We’ll review key aspects of a well-crafted LTD plan, including getting the injured […]

  2. Insurance Protection to Consider When Starting a Family

    In my experience, when people are young and single, they tend to make price-based insurance buying decisions rather than focus on the quality of coverage. Thus, they often end up shopping for insurance online, which can get them standard coverage quickly. However, when they start a family, their circumstances become more complex and their priorities […]

  3. Winter Storm Protection Tips on the Road and in Your Home

    Winter has arrived and for most of the country that means the chance of snow, ice and extreme cold. If The Weather Channel is calling for a blizzard or ice storm in your town, we’ve compiled some helpful tips to help keep you safe and warm. Power outages and blocked roads are common occurrences during […]

  4. Does Your Homeowners Policy Cover You for Cyberbullying?

    Most people count on liability insurance to protect their personal assets from third party injury claims. The most common incidences include bodily injury (e.g. slips and falls on your property) and property damage (e.g. backing into someone’s fence). However, there is a less common, but emerging liability, which can have an even more serious impact […]

  5. How to Save on Homeowners Insurance While Increasing the Protection of Your Home and Family

    In a previous blog post, Why Homeowner Rates Vary Greatly? we discussed a number of factors that affect your homeowners insurance premium, but did you know that there are also several incentives that could help you save even more money on your policy? Consider these five savings tips, which will also help protect your home […]

  6. How to Protect Your Assets During Civil Disorders | PSA Insurance & Financial Services

    The recent riots and looting across the U.S. raised questions among my clients wondering about their personal safety as well as protection for their companies. The vandalism, theft and curfew caused significant losses to both individuals and businesses. Unfortunately, civil disorder is becoming more common, it seems. We have witnessed many similar events over the […]

  7. Why Homeowners’ Insurance Rates Vary Greatly

    Have you ever wondered how your homeowners’ insurance rate is determined? Or why is it possible that your rate can vary so much among carriers when shopping for your policy? There are actually many factors that affect your rate, which I outline below to help you better understand what you can and cannot control to […]

  8. Don’t Let A Flash Flood Take You by Surprise: Tips to be Prepared

    Floods are the most frequent and costly national disasters that can cause significant economic losses. But did you know, that flash floods can be even more devastating? It is mostly because the speed at which water accumulates to dangerous levels can often catch unsuspecting people by surprise.

  9. Three Ways to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

    Is your personal information, specifically your Social Security number, safe? Tens of millions of Americans are finding out the hard way that the answer is no. Just recently, two large health insurance providers, Anthem and Premera Blue Cross, have experienced a massive data breach – 13.5 million Anthem clients and employees and 11 million Premera […]